Too $hort So Watcha Sayin’ Lyrics

Gettin’ It (album number ten) Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Gettin’ It
  • 2 Survivin’ the Game
  • 3 That’s Why
  • 4 Bad Ways
  • 5 Fuck My Car
  • 6 Take My Bitch
  • 7 Buy You Some
  • 8 Pimp Me
  • 9 Baby D
  • 10 Nasty Rhymes
  • 11 Never Talk Down
  • 12 I Must Confess
  • 13 So Watcha Sayin’
  • 14 I’ve Been Watching You (Move Your Sexy Body)
  • [Too $hort talkin]
    yo, 'sup, 'sup
    $hort Dawg is in the house, beyotch
    yea, got my orange juice bottle full of gin
    and it's all good
    ya know, this might be the last album I make y'all
    so I figured like this, why should I go out like a sucker
    why should I go out like erybody else
    I'm goin out just like I came in this m***********
    straight mackin, b****
    born to mack
    always was and always will be, ya know what I'm sayin
    and it's like that
    but y'all know what though
    even though, throughout my entire career
    I always spoke my mind about what was goin on with my folks and my community
    all I ever got credit for was sayin one m*********** word
    heh, ya know what I'm sayin
    but it's cool though
    cuz now you know what's happenin now
    you got all these rappers out here
    on the mic, on their records, sayin beyotch!
    just like $hort Dawg, ya know what I'm sayin
    heh, and it's cool like that
    I got this youngstaz up in the O-Town
    runnin around here, they trynna earn a reputation trynna diss $hort Dawg
    not knowin, all through their elementary and high years
    all they listen to was Too $hort, ya know what I'm sayin
    well like I told you man, I'm goin out like I came in
    I'm goin out like a m*********** champ
    and God knows, I'm known y'all, I'm known for a m*********** fact
    y'all n***** can't f*** with me
    you never could f*** with me on the real deal, man
    I came befo' you, and I'mma finish befo' you
    and it's like, it's like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar man
    I got the most points scored
    and you gotta catch up, ya know what I'm sayin
    so it's all good
    for the first n**** that step up and take over
    it's yours, baby, but for now I'm still runnin this m***********, ya know
    and you can put a b**** on that one
    like that

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