Trey Songz So Sophisticated (Triggamix) Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Nigga, I’m educated
I ain’t talkin’ no college, nigga, I never made it
I ain’t smokin’ no garbage nigga, I’m hella famous
I make a movie, you niggas should stick to picture takin’
Paper makin’ while your stories all fabricated
Bitches in my section with their asses shakin’
She just obsessin’, we sexin’, my tigo Benjy makin’
I’m killing everything, ain’t no need for a respirator
I’m getting cheese my nigga, I’m such a cheddar makin’
I got a crib in the woods, livin’ on hella accres
Still good in my hood, from 36 to crater
Come get some money, you can fuck them dirty bitches later
You lookin’ bummies, got your centers, well I need a favor
I bet I shit on these niggas, who wanna make a wager?
I’m on my shit on you niggas, I’m ‘bout that paper label
I came up on you niggas, I’m like a elevator
Rest in peace Nate Dogg, I’m bumpin’ regulator
I’m ‘bout my business and my business I was never later
Look in the mirror, I say fuck a hundred thousand haters
Just got the club and they paid a hundred thousand, baby
Nigga remember when I used to have the silver razor
Flip phones, told your baby momma call me later
Huh, cut ‘er yea, I cut ‘er now she call me razor
She got a bag of some shoes, I did your ass a favor
Another bitch in my crew but she love a pussy ater
Her name Caramel, I treat ‘er like my favorite flavor

[Verse 2]
She say she stay poppin’ when she rockin’ with her girlfriend
Okay, that’s okay, you just go and bring your girl then
She say keep going like we was going till the world end
Left it on her neck right next to where her mama’s pearls is
Bottles and swobbles they coming back to back and back to back
I’m flippin’ dollars, my paper remind me of her occupant
Shoot for the stars, maybe I fuck her later, astronaut
Toast to the boss, they get their paper with their asses out
I’m in Atlanta, yea in Atlanta like my old crib
I’m going hammer, I’m going hammer like some toes is
These niggas cowards, these niggas actin’ like some hoes is
I want the power, you wanna sell out like my shows is
I probly love ‘er, yea I love ‘er like my last bitch
Beautiful motherfucker, just look how big her ass is
Shout to the pictures, where all my bitches? You a bad bitch
Leave the chisourty, bitches sour like the patch kiss
Wait for the moment, it’s never coming like the past is
My my the past isn’t
You niggas passed missin’
On reality wrench, you niggas passed wishin’
Nigga my palms itchin’, niggas you all bitches

I’m a star, right there

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