Gorilla Zoe So Sick Lyrics

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Say, what up?
(I'm so sick)
Hey scream what these *****s got on?

I'm in a spaceship out in space,
I call the whip Appalo,
My swaggers on the moon,
In an 08 Marshalago,
Now you think that you got swag,
Cause you went and bought all that,
But Gucci don't make that,
And Louie don't make that,
Now I'm looking at your back,
Like what the hell is that?
Like man that can't be real,
But if it is then take it back,
Cause they got you,
Sick of you I'm like Ah-Chu.

I'm so sick,
So sick,
So sick,
So sick,
In my wrist,
In my fitted,
In my whip,
With my *****,
I'm so sick (We sick of you) [Repeat: x4]

In the middle of the mall,
Like shawty please don't do it,
That **** is way too big,
Dem not diamond them is cubic
80 dollars for the chains,
Thought I wouldn't do it,
They goin' tear up in a day,
And boy you goin' look stupid,
Boy them cannot be Pradas,
100 dollars they got ya, (Soft tacos)
You went and bought that fitted,
You just wasted all your guapo, (Guapo)
Looking at my wrist,
But I bet it ain't Movado.


She thinks that she's the thing,
Cause you told he she's the one,
Her nails look good,
But her toes not done,
Got a 60 dollar hair-do, (Hair-do)
And a 50 dollar tattoo,
Sick of you, (Ah-Chu)
Got a tongue ring for free,
She won't put that tongue on me,
She can put that tongue on you,
You can kiss that **** for free,
Got that outfit from Rainbows, (Rainbows)
20 bucks for the Stilettos,
Oh no!


When you woke up and,
You thought that you could fool the world,
You can fool a couple people,
You can't fool the world,
I'ma tell on you, (Tell on you)
Tell them say, (Tell them say)
I'ma snitch, (I'ma snitch)
That **** ain't real,
You know it ain't real,
Check your swag,
Now check your Gucci shoes,
And check your Louie bag,
We sick of you,
We sick of you, (We sick of you) [Repeat: x4]

Now take that monkey **** off,
You embarrassing us,
Take that monkey **** off,
You embarrassing us, [Repeat: x2]

We sick of you. [Repeat: x2]
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  • Written by: Xavier Dotson, Alonzo Mathis
    Lyrics © Ultra Tunes

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