Billy Joel So Long, Reverend Ike Lyrics

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I got one, but I don't wanna send this to Bruce. (Okay.)

So long, Sister Jean
You always kept your habits clean
You tried to teach me virtue
A little passion couldn't hurt you

Goodbye, Father John
I never quite felt like your son
It's a tax-free situation
It looks like half the congregation's gone
I'm afraid that I've gone with them, Father John

So long, Rabbi Gold
You wanted more than just my soul
You said "God keeps his eye on
Those who send their bucks to Zion"

Goodbye, Rabbi Gold
When did you start to lose control?
My circumcision grieves me
Kosher dinners always leave me cold
So goodbye, Amein, L'Chaim Rabbi Gold

So long, Reverend Ike
You were so unreal
All you could tell me was heaven and hell
And then Norman Vincent Peale
So long, Reverend Ike
Goodbye, Billy Graham
Cardinal Cooke and his latest book on the Holy Land

Goodbye, Brother John--
I don't have any more than that. We can keep that for, uh [break] -- (I ate on the plane)--oh, yeah, right, well I gotta have one of them, man.

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