Brett Dennen So Far From Me Lyrics

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Crows ravaging a field of wheat
Stars jealous of the moon
Scarecrows know their own defeat
Envy and the heart that it consumes

Today I walked without you
Like an empty bottle drifting out to sea
I would change it I knew how to
But it don't come that easily

If my heart wasn't such a jungle
Maybe you wouldn't feel so alone
If your her heart wasn't such and ocean
I wouldn't sink like a stone

If you weren't so far from me
I could hold you while you're sleeping
And hear you breathing softly
And be there when you're waking

Phone calls could not complete us
Letters cannot replace
Miles and miles and miles between us
Another time another place

I have yet to meet another
Who burns bright as you
I'm not looking for any other
I only want you


Written by: Brett Dennen
Lyrics © Downtown Music Publishing

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