Lacrimas Profundere Snow Lyrics

...and the Wings Embraced Us Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Snow
  • 2 Perfume of Withered Roses
  • 3 Amorous
  • 4 Eternal Sleep
  • 5 Autumn Morning
  • 6 Embracing Wings
  • as to many was hidden
    but properly we perceive snow just really
    when it comes with thousands of flakes and
    covers the territory in which we linger

    at the moment with it's
    all-transforming white
    doesn't it this we
    take notice of it, but it
    burdens or pleases
    us just for this short moment
    in which it dances

    from the sky
    and falls to the ground and melts
    snow is just like unborn life
    it pleases or burdens us just for
    the moment in which it so we say lives

    maybe a human life is only a snow-flake
    in the eternity of the universe which dies

    before it see's the light of the earth or melts
    years later in its pain

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