Sonic Youth Snare, Girl Lyrics

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I'm here for you
Can't you see what I'm doin
I bring you news from the kingdom
Of disciples in ruin
Behold a child
Has just been born
Into a life
Of secrets sworn
Hold out yr hands
And take these palms I've been given
They are wild with beauty faded
And they can guide this child to heaven
So rest assured
And understand
How harvest eyes
Renew your land
I'm here looking for you dear
If I could see clear
Through all the sun stained stations
Its all up in the air girl
Its like a snare girl
In all its manifestations
I'm here for you
Can't you see what I'm saying
I have palms from the ruins
Where disciples are straying
I'm coming after you
With mercy given
And your secrets out
Now you're forgiven
I'm here looking for you dear
Can't you see clear
All these sun stained stations
Its you under the stairs girl
With a snare girl
Sounding salutations

Written by: Kim Gordon, Lee M. Ranaldo, Steven Jay Shelley, Thurston Joseph Moore
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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