Razor Snake Eyes Lyrics

Custom Killing Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Survival of the Fittest
  • 2 Shootout
  • 3 Forced Annihilation
  • 4 Last Rites
  • 5 Snake Eyes
  • 6 White Noise
  • 7 Going Under
  • 8 Russian Ballet
  • Pretty as an angel, but the bone of the devil
    The smile of a fox, but talking on the level
    The figure of a lady peekin' through the holes
    Tying down my wings, pulling on my soul
    Your fingers are snakes, they're eyes and they see
    Everytime we touch you take a bite out of me
    Driftin' through my head, all the things that you said
    What is written on the walls isn't right until it's read
    So read: with your snake eyes
    You're the devil's daughter, I've met him, skip the fakin'
    You've been growing horns since your halo has been taken
    In the trap you were the bait, that was your mistake
    I never cared a bit for dirt or a black-eyed city snake
    I was hartly temped with a wink and a bottle of sin
    I had my own three bottles of the driest kinda gin
    Undressed yoy with my eyes and then I realized
    Your rolling dice and broken wings gave in to your disguise
    Gave in: to your snake eyes
    Everything at stake but I've learned my lesson well
    You're giving me the choice will I roll heaven or is it hell
    Remove the flashy costume, show me what you've got
    A taste of what's below, so you'd better make it hot
    Can't you see me laughing, you're begging with your cries
    The fireballs I'm throwing are burning in your eyes
    I can't roll a seven or even an eleven
    Give me staring snake eyes, I wasn't made for heaven
    Surprise: I've got snake eyes

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