Black Country Communion Smokestack Woman Lyrics

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I ain't lookin' for
Lost salvation
You give me
Somethin' I can't lose
No lip, no conversation
I'm on the tip
You light my fuse
I bleed with satisfaction
You got me walkin'
With this curse
I need some interaction
I live in sin
Smokestack woman
Gonna' shake my soul
Smokestack woman
Take me down to the hole
Smokestack woman
You know you're
Gonna' wake the dead
Wake the dead
I heard
You're a midnight flyer
What kind of world
Do you live in?
You're preachin'
To the choir
Mother dandelion
Fire child within
It serves me right to suffer
I live in sin

Written by: Glenn William Hughes
Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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