Young Money Entertainment Smoke Something pt. 2 Lyrics

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Yo yo
Light it up
Aha! Light it up

Earned a couple with a real nigga, let’s get high as fuck
Take a trip to halla with me, I’ll give you a tour
Give you the rundown on these mirrors painted on these walls
Rest in peace to all the soldiers who tall me what’s the fall
We kissin’ the Lord, the voicemail when he call
Not at all, got a ball every chance I get
Gotta go deep in every foreign, why man? I hit
Smoke my stress away, at least for that moment
My problems got me but it is for that moment, I own it
So controlled to fuck Earth, I’m a soler flower
My poet bitch might hit a line but I’m a potent smoker
Tonight I ain’t even get the coup engine warm
I took the soul train to the studio in memory of Dom
Who smokin’ for smokin’ cho? It ain’t heavy D
In the mist to a proven to a Whitney Houston badly
RIP, rest in peace. No, rest in paradise
Ain’t no rent or mortgage in heaven. Livin’ don’t have a price
I see my homies with their kids and I look twice
Just wonderin’ what my junior gon look like
These niggas sliggin’ cracks for a pair of phone posits
I remember the days though so I can knock ya
I remember we end up then when I make my profit
I go to whip every and spend everything in my pocket
Real niggas wanna see me wet
Sucker niggas wanna see my motion picture ‘gain
Over the years a few homies I had as a friend
Fake love hurt more when you really got it for them
I ain’t trippin’ though, my laces ties
To Skee G and Meelzy, I was made to fly
Goosebumps all on your hands from every word I speak
Flow smoother than them flies spur seats
So it for my hood, I do it for my city
Do it for my team, fuck whoever against me
White America please allow me to prepare y’all
I’m comin’ straight off the corner just like Pierre Paul

Miss – smoke somethin’
Bitch - smoke somethin’
Bitch - smoke somethin’

Light it light it, Light it light it
Light it light it, Light it – smoke somethin’
Light it light it, Light it light it
Light it light it, Light it – smoke somethin’, bitch

Light up, stoned to life

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