Calexico Smash Lyrics

Superstition Highway Track Listing
Cassette 1
  • 1 You Are Just It
  • 2 Hello Stranger
  • 3 Spark
  • 4 State of Emergen-c
  • 5 Freezing
  • 6 Scribble
  • 7 Conmemorativo
  • 8 Recipe
  • 9 Deep Water
  • 10 Night at the Checkers
  • 11 Window Watching
  • 12 Chunder
  • 13 There's a Tremble
  • 14 Once It's Gone
  • 15 You're Scaring Me
  • 16 Last Little Stab
  • 17 Smash
  • 18 Wishbone
  • 19 Town East of Cancer
  • 20 She Is Fine
  • 21 Ice Cream Jeep
  • Is there anyway I can fix it
    Take out my tools maybe smash with it
    Let me destroy the parts that annoy

    Swallow the words I'm saving
    Fumble the chords I'm playing
    Better just break it apart
    Then where should they go

    But you know I'm just following suit
    It's something I aim not to do
    Can't mock up a model me and you

    Is someone out there
    I can trust
    With the words that never seem to fit

    No sense looking backwards
    Shattered every mirror in my eye
    Scattering the scrapbook
    Blueprints on the floor

    Always thought things would snap into place
    With a little more ease and grace
    Still a ship sealed in a bottle
    Never reaches the sea

    And I stash all of the reasons
    Dash them against the wall
    And I smash your heart into tiny little pieces

    And every time this happens

    Written by: Joey Burns, John Burns

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