Akon Smack That [Clean Radio Edit] Lyrics

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Slim Shady


I see the one, 'cause she be that lady! Ohh I feel you creepin', I can see it from my shadow
Wanna jump up in my Lamborghini Gallardo
Maybe go to my place and just kick it like Tae-Bo
And possibly ----
Look back and ----

[Chorus (2X)]

Smack that


Smack that

Give me some more

Smack that


Smack that


Upfront style ready to attack now
Pull in the parkin' lot slow with the lock down
Konvict's got the whole thing packed now
Step in the club now and wardobe intact now!
I feel it down and cracked now (ooh)
I see it dull and backed now
I'ma call her, then I pull the mack down
Money no problem, pocket full of that now...

Repeat Bridge

[Chorus (2x)]


Ooh...Looks like anotha club banga
They betta hang on when they throw this thang on
Get a lil' drink on
They gon' flip for this Akon ---
You can bank on it!
Pedicure manicure kitty-cat claws
The way she climbs up and down them poles
Lookin' like one of them puddy-cat dolls
Trynna to hold my w--- back through my drawers
Steps upstage didn't think I saw
Creeps up behind me, she's like "your--"
I'm like, "I know let's cut to the chase"
No time to waste back to my place
Plus from the club to the crib's like a mile away
Or more like a palace shall I say
And plus I got a pal if ya gal is game
In fact he's the one singin' the song that's playin'

Repeat Bridge

[Chorus (2x) ]

Eminem' rollin', d and them rollin'
Boo and all marvelous them rollin'
Women just ---- big booty rollin'
Soon I'll be on Eminem throwin' "D!(D!)"
Hittin' on less than "Three!(Three)"
Block royal style like "Whee!(Whee)"
Girl I can tell you want me 'cause lately

Repeat Bridge for last time

[Repeat Chorus for the last time (2x}]
Thanks to javier for submitting Smack That [Clean Radio Edit] Lyrics.

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