16volt Slow Wreck Lyrics

Skin Track Listing
  • 1 Skin
  • 2 Perfectly Fake
  • 3 Uplift
  • 4 Slow Wreck
  • 5 Skin Graft
  • 6 Stitched
  • 7 Built to Last
  • 8 Bottle Rockets
  • 9 Downtime II
  • 10 Flick / Dead Skin
  • A break in the system
    A tragedy i'm afraid has struck
    Me not quite unlike a burning kiss
    This death would wreck me

    And she dove in glass biting skin
    While blood cell metal welt blistered sin
    Not quite unlike a twisting shift
    This wreck would get me

    In an eternity just like a dream
    I'm afraid to see not quite unlike
    Deserving fools on a plane of shame

    Hit infinity like a scrap disease
    Forgotten spark wished fuel to bleed
    All pouring out some things we lack
    I'm going back through a slow wreck

    A null line paints the rhythm
    A weary dream i expect to see
    Not too unlike just how you hate me

    So downward thinking this death degrades me
    Into a cloud black motor shroud
    Some sick and proud space in the ground
    Although she sleeps with cells that creep
    I'm on these knees prayers that she keeps down

    Slow wreck does seethe
    Gains more with speed
    Blown all away more than the last time

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