Love and Theft Slow Down Lyrics

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Life I need to talk to you
Can you spare a minute just tell me what to do
Iâ??m trying to climb this hill
I can feel you pass me by like Iâ??m standing still
The things I gotta do Iâ??m feeling you leaving me behind
And I know I donâ??t wanna go down this road alone and Iâ??m running out of time

So slow down youâ??re losing me
And I canâ??t see what you want me to be
So slow down cause all I know is that I canâ??t go as fast as youâ??ve got me spinning round
Iâ??m barely hanging on, slow down
Life the moments pass me by
Memories that I canâ??t keep as hard as I may try

Life youâ??re so beautiful
I wish it wasnâ??t so but I can only stay until
You say I gotta go
God only knows when thatâ??s gonna be
With all my might Iâ??m trying to keep up with you
Now youâ??re running away from me

Written by: Brian Bandas, Eric Gunderson, Robert Orrall
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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