Darryl Worley Slow Dancing With A emory Lyrics

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Slow Dancing With A Memory
(Darryl Worley/Wynn Varble/Don Poytrhress)

He walked into Dusty's place last night
I said something 'bout that boy ain't right
He drank a half a dozen double shots
Walked to the dance floor and picked his spot

Then he closed his eyes and he dropped his head
Folded his arms across his chest
Slowly started swaying side to side
That's when I walked up and said are you ok
He had big old tears rolling down his face
He said not right now, buddy can't you see
I'm slow dancing with a memory

I just waited till the song was through
Asked if there was something I could do
He said not unless you can bring her home
Then "He Stopped Loving Her Today" came on

Repeat Chorus:

I hate to see somebody down that low
But that's the way life is and the way love goes
Someday that just might be you or me
Slow dancing with a memory
Slow dancing with a memory
Thanks to Harvey Collins for submitting Slow Dancing With A emory Lyrics.

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