The Scabs Sloppy Jalopy Lyrics

Freebird Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Big Butts & Blow Jobs
  • 2 Baby Put Your Panties On
  • 3 Tarantula
  • 4 Man of the Year
  • 5 Where I'm At
  • 6 So Fresh & So Fine
  • 7 Bombananza
  • 8 Bones
  • 9 I Fucked Your Daughter in the Ass, Boy
  • 10 Bulletproof Bodyrubber
  • 11 Pudding & Cheese
  • 12 Pussy Fever
  • 13 Sloppy Jalopy
  • 14 Pushin' on the Pull Bar
  • 15 You'll Be Mine
  • 16 Who Got the Goodies?
  • I got a whole lot in my head
    I never get up early baby
    Just to get out of bed
    I eat the jalapeno yes I do
    And then I take a creamy dreamy
    Hot stinky poo

    They call me sloppy jalopy
    I eat ice cream with my honey
    She makes me laugh sometimes
    Because you know she’s so funny
    They call me sloppy jalopy
    I’ve got t he barbecued buns
    Because I wear no panties
    When I back in the sun

    I pick my nose clean baby
    Roll the boogers in a ball
    And I flick ‘em at people
    When I go to the mall
    I got a big pair of shorts
    And they’re cut off way below the knees
    I keep my pockets filled up
    With macaroni and cheese

    I watch the Larry king
    So I can fall right to sleep
    My girlfriends got taste because
    She thinks I’m a creep
    I don’t watch the news
    Because I can’t stand the sports
    And my favorite companions
    Are usually sold in cold quarts

    I don’t take no showers
    Cause I’m a natural dude
    But I do change my mind
    Because I hate to be rude
    I love to do the lambada
    But I don’t do it very well
    And my hair’s always perfect
    Because I use the styling gel

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