Lil' B Slangin Packs Based Freestyle Lyrics

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I'm in the trap right now, whippin up the dough
51 on me, and I'm swervin
Niggas don't want the prolem, I'ma show your road
Riding with my niggas and we cut throat
I'm serving out dough my right hand
Fucking 10 bitches like, pay me 10 grand for them p shoes
What you wanna do, I can see through y'all
I be in the trapshouse, whippin hard
Motherfuckers know I'm gonn catch the charge
If I beat they case, I'ma slip that
Riding down 7 with a 6 pack
If I know I got them party
Riding in the, I'm gonn turn up
Need them violaters don't get you one
I ain't gonn lie, I'm bout to have some fun
I be thugging all on them sweat springs
Chewing on pills on em me
I be off with the
Bitches fuck me cause I'm exciting
I be ridin out, I flexed off
I be throwed, I flex, I flex hoe
I flex grow, I flex dough
Coming in the club you know I'm bout to spend it
Man I'm still serving far past
I'm tryina pay these tickets
They don't understand I need that quick flip
I'm lookin for the boy that fin to front the fire
I might not pay it back so I'm fin to ride
You gonn find me some and I'ma take that
Riding with the work like ajax
I'ma tell you who gangster and it feel
Riding round we gotta soul this real
I'ma tell you bout them boys carryin them 30 packs
I'm riding round 7 with with a 6 pack
Tell you bout them gangs but I'm 30's
I tell you bout them bitches that work me
Riding down 7 with a 6 pack
Fucking with me, bitch I can't relax.

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