EMF Skin Lyrics

Cha Cha Cha Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Perfect Day
  • 2 La Plage
  • 3 The Day I Was Born
  • 4 Secrets
  • 5 Shining
  • 6 Bring Me Down
  • 7 Skin
  • 8 Slouch
  • 9 Bleeding You Dry
  • 10 Patterns
  • 11 When Will You Come
  • 12 West of the Cox
  • 13 Ballad of the Bishop
  • 14 Glass Smash Jack
  • Way too many dreams
    Get lost in silent screams
    How can you count the cost of a city
    Bursting at the seams
    With red lights, quiet sinners
    Killer cops, TV dinners
    A wind of change for all the deadheads
    That need blowing away

    I blew you far away to have a dream
    And you came back to say it`s out there
    Don`t let it get away
    But still you`re here with hours to kill
    You`re murdered so many, you`re serially ill
    You`ll wait for another
    And you`ll kill again

    Show me your skin
    I need to get in

    Why did you do it
    Was it just for fun
    To put me out the picture
    Or out of misery
    Was it a shock
    Was it a plea
    Was it a question, tell me
    Did you get any answers?

    Show me your skin
    I need to get in

    Have you seen what it`s like
    To be really free
    Or is everything a mess
    Like it is inside
    Is it a test
    A Russian roulette
    A gamble with life
    Or just a bet?

    Is it London town
    Is it N.Y.C
    Is it anarchy
    Tell me did you get any answers?

    Show me your skin
    I need to get in

    Written by: James Saul Atkin, Ian Alec Harvey Dench, Zachary Foley, Mark Simon Decloedt, Deran Brownson
    Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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