Silversun Pickups Skin Graph Lyrics

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Little lights all over exposingly high light
marks on the floor
when the lining right
be to the tour of a praise that
it's ..what's exposing what
I'm back and punch in the air
me could die the disrupt ..of the ..
I let when I break all the ..
still should be the one I supose

At the hill skin I'm ready to smell
well I'm never willing to share
out the simple, the muscles and b__ps it won't dry
walk on the road now I stand here
nothing you hide like the new ..hungry and wild
but the ground I want to explore is feel like before

'cause all I think about is ..
a skin in ordinary
things to my life
don't hold beside of me

you scared that I was leaving
you scared's moving
this ..I was leaving
yuo scared of .. lose me Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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