FM Static Six Candles Lyrics

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Your amazing but your taking too much time
I’ve only got six candles left
And I’m trying to keep this off my mind
It’s getting darker bit it’s the way they make feel
They try to fill my head with questions
They all doubt you but I know your real

If it takes time then I’ll be patient
Know that I will stil believe
I’ll take your hand and hold it tightly
Because I know you’ll carry me

Take me high, Take me in, Take these last six candles
And when I’m tired, and wearing thin.
Give me the strength to carry on
Here I am, see my hands, take these last six candles
We’re moving on, we’ll keep, keep, moving on

And I’m so thankful for every breath I take
Theres not a moment that goes by
I waste wiping tears out of my crying face
Don’t loos so sad, you’ve missed the point
I’m still so glad I knew you against the odds
I’ll take my chances and burn this candle through you

If I could ever see the way you understand me
When no one else can see it
I know you surround me

I’ll be the one who listens only when you tell me
Not walking but running, not talking, yellin

And they might never understand why I do what I do
But I can only speak my mind
And what I feel is true
I’ll take a vow to be the only one who stands if it takes
All that I am, I will be standing, there, there Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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