Keyshia Cole Situations Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Hey, she can't love you like I love you
Started really simple
Coming through 'cause I missed you, and I couldn't wait to kiss you
I tried to play shy a little, but not trying to move fast but not too slow
Because I know, you're the kind of guy, I see you already got me

She could never be no
Half as good as me, let me show
You know what I mean, cause I'm the real thing and I got to have you
Been here by your side, living for you day and night
Can't understand why you're not my man but
I should be your girl

I'm falling in love again, god damn we kissed again, it went a little bit further than
I'm falling,
I thought this boy was just a friend, I need my baby here
Cause can't nobody love me like he can

[Verse 2]
And now it's late now no talk, convos on the phone getting sparked
I'm about to jump in my car, and come and see you
No holding back I miss you, I'm letting go tonight
Oh, and baby I need you, and nothing can stop me, we're too close now

Everything you do, got me crazy over you ,
I can't stand the fact, that she is always on your back so
What's up
What you going do, 'cause I'm really feeling you, oh yeah
And boy I need to know, if you think that I should be your girl


[Repeat: x2]
She can't love you like I love you

Dang shorty I got my mind on my money and the hood got me tied up
Plus my baby momma keep me fired up, these other broads probably get me wired up
But a fly ***** could see that you a rider, that's how you got me creepin' and crawlin'
Deep into a bawl six in the morning, we in the zone deep then we all in,
Trying to get it on then the ***** keep callin' (I need you) And she be killing it though,
I see you trying to fight it but you feelin' me though
Look, I'm feeling you right back, I'm gonna pick you up in the back I know you like that


Written by: Francesca Richards, Andre Parker, Keyshia Cole
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC

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