Astarte Sirens Lyrics

Absence of light
Paralyzing my fate
Salty beast of naked desires
(Silver Dance over the fullmoon rise
Come and goes, replaces the Darkness)

Summoning upon another reality.
Sailing to the unsafe kingdom of nymph
Cedar smoke of thyme (and)
Singing high and low

Eyes wet scanning the bare horizon
Her worm voice rose
Hellenic Gods watching seduction
Snake body linking
Ambrosia enslaved
Sirens, Mythic Desire
Sirens liar


[Dark shoreline appeared
Earthquake broke the harmony
Liquidity of body and mind
[Shipping with the beast of beauty]

[Sea mirror's the elements of space
Replace the eye of truthful existence
Liquid living roots underwater kingdom] Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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