Asgaroth Sinking Trails of Wisdom Lyrics

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the jolts of peace were torn apart... (remember men to dwell with roofs)

Building bridges to stand forever, there will be the ones who trail
Floating low or sinking high, there will be the ones who trail.

Redeem the pain that dwells in her, as the end of light beholds you.
Release the hate which dwells within: the coronation of another slave.

Absence Spells Beyond... / Trapped in the Depths of Eve Track Listing
  • 1 Strengthened Are the Stems of Nasturtium
  • 2 Sinking Trails of Wisdom
  • 3 Absence Spells Beyond...
  • 4 Epitaph...
  • 5 Cry the Way We Greet Our Fates
  • 6 Victorious Men of Earth
  • 7 Omens (Presagios)
  • 8 A Call in the Winds
  • 9 The Dark Force
  • 10 Last Battle (Tower of Doom)
  • 11 Lost in Natura
  • 12 The Choirs of the Elemental Deities
  • 13 Prelude in Dusk
  • 14 Placious Echoes at Dark Woods You Greet... Silvering Moon Between My Shadows
  • 15 Outroduction
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