Rhett Miller Singular Girl Lyrics

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Well you can tell it to the radio, tell it to the television
They are not listening, they are only machines

I could sit around all day worrying and wishing
I was one of them so you could tell it to me

Talking to you girl is like long division
Yeah, I've been trying to find you
May I remind you I'm under oath now?
I've been trying to see you
'Cause I can see you want the truth now
I've been trying to tell you that I can tell
You are a singular girl

Blame it on the moonlight, blame it on plate tectonics
You thought I wasn't listening but I was

Talk about attraction, talk about electronics
You are the reason, you are because

Written by: Kendall Dewayne Bethea, Murray Hammond, Philip Wayne Peeples, Stewart Ransom Miller

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