Phora Sincerely Yours Lyrics

Sincerely Yours Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Sincerely Yours
  • 2 Summer Nights
  • 3 Forgive Me Mother
  • 4 Tell Me
  • 5 Catharsis
  • 6 A Lil’ Liquor
  • 7 Father
  • 8 Motivated
  • 9 Stick ’Em Up
  • 10 Stuart Little
  • 11 The Root of All Evil
  • 12 Swapmeet Steelo
  • 13 No Other Way
  • 14 As Time Goes By
  • 15 Father, Part 2 (If You’re Out There)
  • 16 SoulStar
  • 17 Make You Feel
  • 18 Time Will Tell (We’ll Find a Way)
  • 19 My Story
  • [Spoken:]
    Nas got me on some sh*t on this one right here man
    Yours Truly

    These are confessions of a sinner
    I picked a bag and left a letter cus my temper seems
    to get to me some times
    I get sick of me sometimes
    Pressure from myself is my biggest enemy sometimes
    But, I hated myself cus of you
    But now I'm done with that
    That's why I'm hopin' on this train & never comin' back
    And I refuse to let anyone in my way
    I ain't tryna leave you behind,
    But I just can't stay

    Yeah I just can't stay [x2]
    I just can't stay,
    So will I keep running away
    Keep running away (keep runnin')

    I hope you get to read my letter
    I signed it "Sincerely Yours"
    You've been hurt too many times
    I see them tears of yours,
    Running down your face like Yosemite Falls
    But if you ever need something
    Just don't get me involved
    Cus I, I gotta move on with my life
    And we all got a chose
    We all can speak, but not all of us got a voice
    So I devote mine to the children of today
    But how I'm suppose to move on, when you keep begging me to stay
    Well we must of lost a passion
    See my mother used to love you
    Ion what happened
    Probably cus you changed
    And she don't like the way the come off for
    I guess the connection just must of cut off
    Like an unpaid bill to Version
    Over the hills, horizon
    The sun is settin' I could feel it inside me
    That I ain't got nowhere else to go
    But I keep on pushin'
    Don't want to leave
    But I ain't felt this low
    So I can't (stay)

    Yeah I just can't stay [x3]
    So will I keep runnin' away (keep runnin' away)


    See I missed the way we used to be
    I miss the way you touched my heart
    Used to be true to me, but
    Now you let these nigga walk all over you
    They don't treat your name with respect
    And they talk right over you
    Kills me every time I hear it
    Slowly losing my spirit, they sabotaging your beauty, they desecrate your appearance
    And. They say I'm scared that's why I'm runnin away
    I guess they right,
    Cus we all know what just might happen to me if I (stay)
    I wanna leave but I'm lost without you
    And I can't stand the way these mothetfuckers talk about you
    They say you just care for the
    Money and jewels, the cars, the clothes, the fame,
    & the popular dudes, glamorization the money, & livin' in glory
    It just seems like you forgot about the kids with a story
    But without you I wouldn't survive one more day
    You saved my life
    Dear Hip-Hop, I'll never leave. I'm here to stay!

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