Fred Hammond Simply Put Lyrics

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I don't really need to tell someone their future
I don't really have to see the things that can't be seen
I don't need another hyped up church encounter
Or another clever New Year's theme
I'm not looking for another goosebump sermon
Or a word that leaves me passed out on the floor
My basic needs are really very simple

To know You love me, You like me
And I am Yours,I am Yours

My learning could go on throughout the ages
But I just need the plain and simple of what's real
I could memorize and quote a million pages
But I'd rather just express the way I feel

I tried so hard to know the deepest revelation
So I can still and tell the nation what it means
But I found the greatest gift
Wrapped in Your salvation
It's really much more simple, than it means

So I relinquish all my witty observations
Leave my so-called sacred knowledge at the door
When You died You answered every single question

You said You loved me, You liked me
And I am Yours, I am Yours

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