Blue Dogs Simple Complication Lyrics

This is the first time

Also the worst time

For me to fall in love with you

If the truth was told on me

You had a hold on me

And I wondered if you knew

It's a simple complication

That destroys a piece of mind

Looking for a feeling I'll never find

Stays with me every day

Always getting in my way

Hoping for another place in time

A simple complication

you're on my mind

Passed by you the other day

You were going the other way

I asked myself what else is new

You were walking hand in hand

It's a sight I can't stand

What in heavens' name can I do


La La La La La ...


But the simple part of loving you

was all I felt

The complicated part is you belong to someone else

Can't play the game

cause it's one I can't win

I guess you play the hand you're dealt


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