Bob Schneider Silver Butterfly Lyrics

Songs Sung & Played on Guitar at the Same Time Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Other Side
  • 2 Lorena
  • 3 Wish
  • 4 Suiciday
  • 5 Chinatown
  • 6 Drinking Song
  • 7 Big Blue Sea
  • 8 Silver Butterfly
  • 9 Version Mary
  • 10 Over the Rainbow
  • Bob Schneider – Silver Butter Fly

    1st Part
    Silver Butterfly with big ole cherry eyes
    Landed on the planet no one ever cries
    An Orangey Papaya is all that I do see
    Your kisses are much sweeter
    Your lips they set me free

    2nd Part
    Beauty lives inside you
    She's made her smile her home

    3rd Part
    Tomorrow rearranges all of today's expectations.
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