The Watchmen Silent Radar Lyrics

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My life is a stereo how loud does it go
What songs do I know
What happened to my plans
What ever happened to the life I thought I'd have

My life is a stereo kind of cheaply made though
How bad does it show what ever happened to my friends
What ever happened to the likes of all of them

My life is a stereo turn me on and let's go
Turn me up louder I'll scream as loud and clear as I
Can scream if you like what your hearing hang on to me

I like being here and I'm hooked up all wrong
Hang on to me though - I'm one in a million

And my lights are like candles

I'm so afraid of new technology
I'm in the race and I don't wanna be
Can we stop pretending put it off on me
I'm in the race
Life ends in a stereo pack pack me up and let's go
Put me anywhere and I'll be just fine
Please don't think of leaving me behind Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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