Fates Warning Silent Cries Lyrics

No Exit Track Listing
  • 1 No Exit
  • 2 Anarchy Divine
  • 3 Silent Cries
  • 4 In a Word
  • 5 Shades of Heavenly Death
  • 6 The Ivory Gate of Dreams: I. Innocence - II. Cold Daze - III. Daylight Dreamers - IV. Quietus - V. Ivory Tower - VI. Whispers on the Wind - VII. Acquiescence - VIII. Retrospect
  • Born to an air of apathy
    Indifference shapes of fragile minds.
    Questions formed at an early age
    Beg answers unasked.
    Silent cries
    Behind curious eyes resides
    A child who cannot speak.
    Years find a mind alone whose
    Questions flow too deep for words.
    Covered in a shroud of silence
    Watching the world go by.
    Silent cries
    Behind outcast eyes, hides
    A child who cannot speak.
    Time blindly races on
    Towards the autumn years
    Seasons unheeded pass
    While we all drown in tears.
    Questions unanswered remain
    Alone they mourn a fragile mind
    Silent cries
    Behind lifeless eyes lies
    A child who cannot speak.

    Written by: Aresti, Dibiase, Matheos, Zimmerman

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