Candiria Signs of Discontent Lyrics

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Chapter one
Coloring, blistering, peeling the shell of the mask I'm in
Do you speak in tongues that haunt the mind?
To feed and deprive

Dry, blood, rain they shatter to pieces
Once again in the midst of wolves
Devoured to pieces

Chapter two
Grasping the air to breathe
In three combine the tragedies
The agony of the gardens ingesting
Persisting world of fleas

Streams of resolution
No longer issued worthwhile
Comprehending the absurd
No time for restitution

Innocent blood stains dry
Open the sores that rape the eyes
Ashamed and fully naked
Repeat the process to defile the body?

Turn away sacrifice the unclean
Cut your flesh from your mind
Devils in disguise, reprise, burned, swollen

Chapter three
This life of mind but a vapor
Specks of dust on a journey
Blown by winds deceived by laws

The beautiful things
Cling to the ropes
Do you have eyes?
Eyes set on the things that will curdle

Spoiled verbal trophies that will desert in full
Your hope a dying gasp
Peasant, your lips are filled with the poison
Of the asps
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CD 1
  • 1 300 Percent Density
  • 2 Signs of Discontent
  • 3 Without Water
  • 4 Mass
  • 5 Constant Velocity Is as Natural as Being at Rest
  • 6 Words From the Lexicon
  • 7 Channeling Elements
  • 8 Advancing Positions
  • 9 The Obvious Destination
  • 10 Contents Under Pressure
  • 11 Opposing Meter

  • Written by: Carley Gervais, John La Macchia, Kenneth Schalk, Michael Macivor

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