Soulja Boy Tell ’Em Sidekick Lyrics

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Yo just hit me on my siiidekick

For real man, hit me on the tmail then

Hit me on this...this D-Wade right here man

I'm in this mode right now, it's feelin' quite good man

While I'm ridin' in the street

And I just flip this phone on you one time

Just flip it on you (super super)

Talkin' to me shawty up inside (up inside)

Said a couple words and she gave me a hug (gave me a hug)

Pulled out the sidekick (three is on deck)

So much ice hangin' off my neck (neck)

Back to the talk so I flip the phone (the phone)

Stacks on deck, don't get me wrong (get me wrong)

So hard with the white D-Wade with the suade 600

How much I paid...


On my sidekick (x12)

Hit me up on my sidekick (x15)

Lookin' so fresh is my neck (is my neck)

While I'm texting these girls on my sidekick 3

Some call it two way some call it sidekick

All I know is I'm gon put it down with my kit

All white t-shirt with the phone to match

And when I flip it real quick it makes the girl kcik it

I ain't gotta say nothin' but man I'm on $650 just to talk on my phone.


It's a new generation baby

A new thang

A new 2k7

A new 2k11

Wow, there's new thangs goin' on

It's new technology


If you don't know

You need get wit it

The sidekick 3 is on deck

When I flip it it flippin and flop

Wow and all that

You need tog et down with it

It's call tmail baby

Hit me up

Womp Womp Womp Womp x 7


Ohhhh I love this beat.

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