Sum 41 Sick Of It All Lyrics

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While looking for the answers, only questions come to mind

cause i've been lost in circles which seems now for quite some time

and i dont know how i came here, even how i got this far

all i can tell, you as my fate, is written in the black stars

well, what am i supposed to do?

waste myself in (?) , its the best ive ever known

tell me something i dont want to know, cause i cant believe it so


I've become sick of everyone now

and i dont feel remorse for the forgotten

and i dont care at all

I've become sick of everyone now

and im the patron voice of all the problems

and i dont care at all

take me away , sick of everyone today

im not okay, (??????)

take me away

im comin down

so far

its hard to keep together when you dont know where to start

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