Shyne Shyne Lyrics

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Swiss, Po
Respect our gangsta *****
Lay down

What you know bout holding out big Tec.
Big vest , hollow tips all up in the kid Neck
Po live it up, yellow stones lid it Up
Long Johns (siggaz) tuck, it's the kid ***** What
Some of ya rap *****s is girls
On my **** yapping, flappin'
****ing cartoons,
These *****s guns don't go off
Until they say lights, camera, action
Yo Swiss tell them *****s eat a ****
Gun up in yo face, ***** that Reary won't Miss
Unload the **** then reload the ****
Head str8 to the airport and unload sum Bricks
No lyin', you *****s seem me comin down to shoot ya
Think I was flyin', 12 syllabus
Brooklyn is mine, ***** move Ova
Yea I'm talking to you. ****in **** Blowa

Fo all of ya'll, keepin ya'll in Health
Juss to see you wildin and enjoy Yoself
'cause it's cool when you ****in wit a ***** like me
Cool when you ridin' wit a ***** like me
To all my (money makin) *****es juss Shine
To all my *****s keepin it gully juss Shine
To all the ghettos in America, ohh Shine
I'ma keep it gangsta till I die *****, Sine

Check it
All I need in this world of sin
Is a crooked lawyer, big rims and a Mac. 10
Ridin' through the city like I'm used to this ****
**** yo vest *****, my cells will chew through that ****
Catch a breath, you ain't heard bout that ***** Po
Murdah cases diamond faces, Mat-hat-lo'
Leavin' pieces of yo brian on yo car Do'
Lookin gully in that Bent.on that R.O.
L.L. see you *****s in Hell
Soon as they set my bell, I make another Cell
Shiet I set my mind at a the early age
I was gon' be paid or early graved
Whatta **** I got-ta have, blocks to smash
Lots a cash, drop sum ***
This iz the truth, I probebly die in my Coup
But I bet you and them *****es that come to get me, I Shoot


[Verse 3:]
I got my mind on the Shipment
Shipment on my Mind
Bout to meet these Dominican *****s at 9
Rhyme, rap, what to **** is That
Only thing I rap is Ye, ***** die Today
Ya got it confused I ain't trying to fill nobody's Shoes
I'm just looking fo connects *****
Doin' what I Do
Back against the wall
Against all odds
Tune in to my Live *****, this **** is sicka then OZ
Fightin' 'gainst them Crackaz
+ them killaz gettin' at Us
No where to run, so I grab my Gun
N' start blazin', this **** got a ***** Agin'
I'ma die a Gangsta ***** ain't no Changin'
A G. faithfully, momma pray for Me
Lil ***** go to school, stay away from Me
Got hoez fo you hustlaz
Bullets fo you cowards
N' **** fo you *****es up in the Trunk-Tower


Written by: Mashonda Tifrere, Kasseem Dean, Jamaal Barrow
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group

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