Toxic Narcotic Shut The Fuck Up Lyrics

Sick of what you say and do
Always starting problems
Everything that troubles you
Never gonna solve them
Is this the way you live your life
Always starting problems
Creating all this useless strife
Never gonna solve them

Situations you create
Always starting problems
All the things you can't escape
Never gonna solve them
Altercations everyday
Always starting problems
All the things you ****in' hate
Never gonna solve them

Nothings gonna change, yeah its always gonna suck
Quit your ****in' *****in-and shut the **** up
Everyone has problems its never gonna stop
Here's a good solution - shut the **** up

Its always something
Everyone knows someone
That fits this description
I think you're ****in' useless
It's always something
The only way to make a change
Hard work and conviction
I'm tired of excuses
Its always something else!

Written by: Nikki Sixx, Tracii Guns, London Legrand
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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