Joey Badass Showoff Basement Cypher Lyrics

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Ain't never meet someone iller less they me with salmonella
We go in with the flow like salmon in the rhythm
So many hits, no catch 22, got the drive to get the kicks
Your old back is made of batter or two
We got ' I'm always feeling her up and she let me hold the cups
She feel crispy ' catch it when we catch it, threw it at me
Conflict in the kitchen, palms and fingers itching
Figured out if I'm killing them then that's gonna make me richer
This money ain't a joke, I won't play 'to make it come this minute
The truth, I bend it, the rules, I bend it ' say your girl I cruise her fucking panties
Could you imagine that in a year I'd have my fucking band here

Warm it up
If you wanna bring your army, I'm sure they can't arm me
'rocking all these spirits, bringing forth 'like the pyramids off appearances
'to the interior, only inferior to a child 'cause your style is so inferior
Like malaria, and my food for thought like bacteria, these motherfuckers
Are suckers, screaming, we ain't hearing them
Tearing layers from nature's creator, ain't debaters, exchanging '
Ask about for that role of paper, might just raid a paper
For these rappers respirators I leave on the respirator
Originate from flame like a fillet on the oven and they touch down like a fillet in the oven
She say you bubbling, why you paying buses, she can never add up with my pain summit
Your ride niggas '

When I die I'm probably lit, I blame the ounce, though, now that's cool
'Cause everybody bad, got a zip, it's big piss, don't doubt it
I bust until I found myself in route of my allowance
Counting on you, cowards, I'mma come predator, I'mma come predator
Wonder why you spot until you're never spotted anymore
Never followed anymore, Twitter swallowed everyone
Really get you think you got it popping on that cyber war
Popping is the object, we never stall anymore
Not a child anymore, I'm wild, you ain't ready for the fouls I'm exploiting
Fouls full of poison that I'm leaking, better vaccinate your child
'Fore I reach him, bless be this flag, we don't know no allegiance
Dog eat dog, life's a fucking bitch with no leaches
Everything is repetition for the last month
I got offers, stay cautious, still caution
I got offers, stay cautious, still caution

I don't wanna be the one to hurt your day
But you can't run away, gonna see what said at the '
Call for the feds but it's not gonna act 'mathematic balance
I love how you do it ' spirit free
Them guys not gonna stop me, fire bolt of vanities so let them come gas me

Got a low sport, my Jordan so calm, I'm known to rock a swank
They call me ' with a post mortem flow got a post mortem flow
This sour got horse power, we zooming through your zone
She got me screwed dog, said I'm a test for nothing
She a sex machine, feel where the malfunction, acting up, fronting
Set a nigga stunting but I could double you, regulation like it's nothing
I does it, mean I been dead, crush it and killed it '
Dragging niggas off the track when I talk far, the photo style, turn and fuck you
'the reason niggas will never be iller 'cause my niggas are deeper
' is plain to see, we taking so you die of thirst with no vacancy
I'm too real, bigger truth to your make-believe '
You should've known better down, gonna hold you down ' fuck you niggas

A lotty dotty, slacks like to party hard, hardly every sober
Rolled a fresh pack of mollies, god, golly G, golly G
I am bitch respected, I get up in her ovaries when I eject it
My words contraceptive, contact my dealer, contact, detect the microphone when I feel her
A little gritty, my swank is my weapon, I walk with it
Verbally assault with it, I spit like 'flows you get lost in it, raw

Which motherfucker tried to steal my flow
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe
Stepping bursta swag through the front door
So boxes can get niggas out the window
... from Kingston to Brooklyn'I see you shivering
Check the favorite swag' lyrical simile to stimulate your mind
Hypnotize all you people, gonna hop on the mic
In fact ' so just keep y'all niggas in check, keep your niggas in check, yo

31 is money right now and it's credit
I deserve my respect for this shit that I embedded
I am better than them niggas who pretended they them niggas
Who be lying to them niggas who be buying this shit
Fuck the government, that's word to my brother, man
From the fifth floor you won't get offended if your mouth is closed
If I ask something, he told me, the 47 OG running on low key
I'm still 30 and I'm still 7:30, my vision is still blurry so '
Still gonna block my shine, shopping divine, 30/30 degree
Fresh 27 embroidery, 'can't say my whole team meeting yet
But I'm cooking up a mess 'started living what I'm thinking
'slaughtering pigs, anybody can get it, we shooting stars, now make a wish
I'm rocking skins like the skins be rocking, Powerpuff smoking on that Blossom
We're running the game and this shit is exhausting but we don't give a fuck
'Cause this shit is awesome, 47

Sitting in my coffin still contemplating jumping
Steez told me how to function now we got these niggas bumping
' now we got them shooters but we'd rather be petrol movers
Moving by the pound, not a sound with the camera
Why? 'Cause we move in silence, all my niggas hold it down
47 for the crown, y'all already know ' someone send these sucker niggas out the door
'add it in, etiquette'perks say hallucinogens got me thinking where to begin
Can we transcend' goddamn what you see, you know this not a dream
Fuck reality, we make it what it seems, what up

I'm from a place where you catch a pillar if you bust a slug
There's no luck, cops, robbers and thugs and no ultimatum
'hold the heat down, my production on the street is small row
Gotta eat, though, ' all I see is dollar signs and they invest
'she said nothing lasts forever, keep coming back 'bring the masterpieces
'living in a world where MC is mass perfected '
I can see it all happen with the raps I saw
Should've sin but I guess you all want hit me in glass '
The energy I give in '

Guess who's back again, I'm known to make a fucker lose oxygen
'wait, stop, roll over, it's what I told her
Don't play games, I can't console her
Hand it over to the guard like a controller
We overload her, chief rose and it was over
The pose expose her, her ex propose her
Be like you ain't that hot, I know, but they still knock my door
Ask about J over ' another JJ blow like dynamite
'kill 'em every show, ranks up like chopper
Just a level, flow right at the top like lover, though
I'm too hot, still ' let me wrap up then explode
The fiery pro

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