Gilbert O’Sullivan Showbiz (reprise) Lyrics

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The way to skin a rabbit the way to comb a hare
I know which one of those I'd rather heed
As I'm sure would the rabbit
Who only wants to live and breed

I write each and all my songs
Always have done all along
So if you want My Way I can do
Every song in my way just for you

Has it occurred to you that I might not be well
I've got a heart that needs a bypass I can tell

So here we are together then
You and me the best of friend
Or should I say colleagues from tonight?
(Not unless a pig has taken flight)

We have to work closely and mostly we do
We're at opposite ends of
An industry without any smoke
It's boiler being only fired by hope
It is Showbiz

Every Song Has It's Play Track Listing
  • 1 Overture
  • 2 Showbiz (feat. Nicky Henson)
  • 3 Dear Dream
  • 4 I Wish I Could Cry
  • 5 Nothing to Fear (feat. Mike Dore)
  • 6 Pretty Polly
  • 7 Can't Find My Way Home
  • 8 Disbonourable Profession
  • 9 You Don't Owe Me - If I Know You (feat. Mike Dore)
  • 10 Nobody Wants to Know (feat. Barry Esson)
  • 11 Young at Heart
  • 12 I've Never Been Short of a Smile
  • 13 Showbiz (reprise)
  • 14 If You Commence Before the Start
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