Lil' Boosie Show The World Lyrics

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We go show the world the definition of real, my brotha,
You gotta feel shit, a hustler
I just wanna show the world
That I really do it
And I really make quality street music
And it ain't no mistake that I'm this good
I've just been seeing a lot
We gonna show the world
We gonna show the world

I got my own voice,sing my own hoods
Fresh teeth,nice smile
I got my own look
I just like to make people happy
For kids I just like bein' a good dad
But I'm the gangsta and I rock shows
Damn ,that's the figure of speech
They're a lot like that when you listen to me
As for my fans ,I love you all
Wait up,you all are a part of me
So when they hate ,they hate us
Money keepin' gone'
Man,I take it to the bank,I won't make it ring
Butterflies plus '
Man,the hood ,you ain't believin''
And I just like to have a good time
Hit the yo,smoke 1 and put my life in my round

We gonna show the world
We gonna show the world

Father,forgive me,I was raised'
So I can't shoot a '
Inside I'm saying about my dance
Since I lost my grams I've been giving it
But I still hold my head high
And sometimes I cry
And when I cry ,man I don't know why
I feel trapped to be a super star
100.000 workin' with you,I'm in it
And I spend it,no pride
You don't like your bad ass ,it's your problem
'I work hard go and get it on a row
We gonna show the world
We gonna show the world

He said he ain't lookin' proud of me
'Happened you got to see
Took the world,girl whatever you wanna be
I ain't nothing like a strong mind
Whenever you use that line it's a consequence
We all know the seeds
7 for the 7,yeah,7 for the 7
All the real we got to be a couple of miles away from heaven
The world tryin' to put a bottom '
But let it
'I'm different but I don't regret it
That's the thing about me though I've never been a quitter
Rest in peace,mom,I'll be your T.V
We're gonna show the world
We're gonna gonna show the world

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