Play Show Me What You Got Lyrics

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So you wanna get with me I know
Why you keep it on the low?
Have you lost your tongue? Just say something,
Just do something
And oh you've been looking at me all night
So why you being so shy?
Just show me what you got and get on over,
Get on over

Go on and give me a reason and I will pay you attention
You see I got senses
I'm picking up on the tension
I know you know that I like you so let's encounter the action
Give me a pick up
You'd wanna see my reaction

Call me up
Make me drop
Show me what you got
Call me up
Don't you stop
Show me what you got (show me what you got)
(show me what you got)

So you wanna try your luck tonight
Well you gotta get in line
If you wanna be the one, just say something, just do something
Cuz I won't let you wiggle off, off the hook
I'm so bad at being good
And I got you all wrapped around my finger,
Round my finger

Go on and give me a reason...

Call me up...

Know you gotta hit it heard
If you wanna reach my heart
Know you gotta take the charge
If you wanna reach my heart

Make me drop
Call me up..

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