Melissa Etheridge Shout Now Lyrics

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I’ve been silent for much too long
Now I’m telling everybody what’s been going on
It’s time to shout now it’s time to scream
It’s time to wake up from this bad dream

I’m gonna shout till the devil gets on his knees
Shout 'til my angels say pretty please
Shout 'til I feel it runnin’ through my veins
Shout 'til everybody thinks I’m insane
I’m gonna shout now, oh
I’m gonna shout now, oh
I wanna wake up

I’ve been broken and I’ve been bruised
I’ve been lied to and I’ve been used
It’s time for dignity it’s time for pride
It’s time to get out what’s been brewing on the inside

[Chorus: x2]

I’m gonna shout now, oh
I wanna wake up

Written by: Melissa Etheridge

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