Razor Shootout Lyrics

Custom Killing Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Survival of the Fittest
  • 2 Shootout
  • 3 Forced Annihilation
  • 4 Last Rites
  • 5 Snake Eyes
  • 6 White Noise
  • 7 Going Under
  • 8 Russian Ballet
  • Get your piece together, take your place and stay
    Is your pistol loaded? ain't no room for buts
    Strangers eye to eye, hope you've got the guts
    Lawman, draw your gun
    I may be the one
    Trigger happy fingers and you give me cause
    Lawman what have I done - broken your laws?
    Strangers, Dangers
    Desert sons ride from the heat
    Little doubt, in this shootout
    Wipe off the dust from the street
    Chasing with tequila, and gypsy ladies dance
    Never thought I'd shoot again until I had the chance
    One on one I'm laughing, spit in the sand and draw
    Just not quick enough, so much for the law
    Lawman draw your gun
    I may be the one
    Knock down and drag out, the taste is in the air
    Lawman what have I done - do you really care?
    Given the limit, the job is yours today
    Just another sorry man standing in my way
    A bad lad uh huh! lives up to his role
    Live it up, laugh it up, end up in the hole
    Where you die another soul will stand
    I'll be riding riding riding across this land
    You've been shot down, now you're gonna crawl
    Those who stay alive are those who don't come out at all
    Just another shootout, one more dirty deed
    Your peacemaker's heavy, one shot's all I need
    Make your move now mister, sherrif's history
    Feelin' lucky are you? Good-bye deputy!

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