Styles P Shoot You Down Lyrics

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Play no more around this town
Play no more around this town
Cause I am gonna shoot you down

Half asleep, half up
Mad high, scheming on a fast buck
You know me that's if I got my mask up
I'm mad cool like the AC on max
Show money on weed and the clothes out of sacks
No soil in the jungle so we rose from the cracks
Of the sidewalk, why you think we specialized in fly talk?
From the dark side of the force, but I could sky walk
Know it ain't a pizza shop but nigga get them pies off
Remember misery loves company
Yo homies got yo back but ask yo self, who's frontin me?
How much is the work worth?
How much getting murk worth?
Sometimes I get high and I wonder if church works
As I changed the first verse and the kirk first
Gonna ask myself – yo, how much is the verse worth?
I know it's priceless but I still gotta charge a price
Shit is static, go back to the heart of life

Masked like Bane, Dark Knight like Wayne
Gangstas with mic skills is missing from the game
Stand up G, I strive for my son
But the cold ass streets forced me to cradle with my guns
Ones is the only thing that matters
I try to keep it real
They just care about swagger
King of New York shit, meet me at the Plaza
You can talk shit and get pluck with the dagger
I'm on it, on one, up one
Probly on the dolo with the Top Gun
Shout to polo niggas with the dutch done
Trinnies on the bamboo, jeps on the raw booze
Salute to the jail niggas that never wanna call home
You should do the science
If you don't know math then build your alliance
But will yo man stand in the pan when you frying?
All of us is living but all of us is dying
Getting money or you trying

Blow a OZ, meditate and levitate
The time is money nigga so we never wait
We got shit to do, kill you all for principle
Cool and I ain't listen cuz I thought I was the principle
Custom kidding on the European
You see me, I blow the weed and then I look Korean
But I ain't from Korea though
Life's a bitch, money gon burn like gonorrhea though
It's all truth or it's all lies
Need a bionic man on a full guy
I'm major like Lee Majors
Cop money for crack as a teenager



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