Agent Ribbons Shoeshine Boy Lyrics

Mama used to take me to the corner store
When she ran out of something and she needed more
I’m always happy to help mama when I can
‘Cause at the corner is a nice young man
One day when I was down there buying sugar and bread
Mama thought we’d just go to the diner instead
She came down to the corner store looking for me
And when she came in you shoulda heard what she said
Baby what you’re doin’ with a grocer like that?
Oh mama that’s no grocer, that’s a shoeshine boy
Shoeshine boy, you never miss a spot
It’s the best shoeshinin’ that I ever got
For a little bit more you get the job done right
And my shoes stay shined for the rest of the night
Shoeshine boy oh oh you didn’t stutter
When you told me that she’d give me more than bread and butter
Mama can go to the diner on her own
‘Cause the shoeshine boy doesn’t like to work alone

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