J.J. Cale Sho-Biz Blues Lyrics

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(J.J. Cale)
Tried busking down in Frisco, tried dancin' in LA
I played the blues in Chicago, boy I ran home in Santa Fe
I played guitar for many men, signed a deal or two
And all I ever got from them is the s_____z blues
I got hot chicks down in Texas, no work in Alabam'
Snowed in out on Belibor you were always in a jam
Worked carnivals down in Georgia, night clubs attitude
And all I ever got from them is the s_____z blues
Well the manager's got no money, the bookers had no jobs
The record man he fell asleep, he says I look like a slob
The bus breaks down and the motel's bad you're always in a stew
You can't quit you're too far gone, you got the s_____z blues
I tried to love the ladies everywhere I went
When I got down and out they wouldn't ever pay my rent
If you crave your neighbour lights, the spotlight's right on you
When it's time to get the catch with the s_____z blues
Now you can't sleep till two o'clock, you ain't no millionaire
This entertaining lifestyle just seems to go nowhere
You write a song it seems OK, they say it's nothin' new
It don't take long to find you've got the s_____z blues Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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