Skylar Grey Shit, Man! Lyrics

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[Verse 1: Skylar Grey]
You’re never ready for
Something quite like this
It comes to hit you when you
Are least expectin’ it
So now what happens if I choose
To have this child, have a child with you?
Do you believe that we can make it through?

How we gonna do this thing?
How we gonna do it? Shit, man!
We don’t even got no ring
And we don’t got the money, shit, man!
We’re gonna need a bigger house
We’ve got a lot to figure out
How we gonna do this thing?
How we gonna do it? Shit, man!

[Verse 2: Skylar Grey]
Sometimes it still feels like
We’re just a couple of kids
Afraid of growin’ up, yeah,
Afraid to say ‘this is it’
So now I don’t know what I’ll do
But I’m so in love so in love with you
Can you believe this is happening so soon?


[Verse 3: Angel Haze]
This ain’t what I expected,
Ain’t happenin’ like I thought it,
And if they say, “love is free,”
Then tell me why the fuck its costin’
And yes, it happens often and I should cope with my losses
And you say you’re not ready
I don’t believe in abortions
My heart, light as a feather
I know things can get better
I know your vision’s cloudy
So much inclement weather
I know that faith is a string that’s slowly coming untethered,
But we can get through anything together

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  • Written by: Alexander Junior Grant, Angel Haze, Holly Hafermann, Jayson M. De Zuzio
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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