Raven Symone Shine Lyrics

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I know what I'm all about nobody's gonna change me,
I stand my ground and deal with negativity,
I got my mind made up,
I'm gonna do whatever makes me happy,
One step at a time, I choose my own destiny.

There’s no doubt, some doubt
Of dreams are coming true,
Won't stop, can't stop,
Do what i need to do,

I can stand up on my own,
No one can bring me down down,
I know I'm gonna shine, shine, shine, shine
I will hold my head up high,
I'm gonna make it through, through
It's my time to shine, shine, shine, shine.

I don't let things get to me,
I wanna live stress free,
No one, and nothing's gonna get the best of me,
Believe in myself no matter how hard things may seem,
Keep climbing to the top,
My dreams will be in reach, (Ohhh)



I'll never lose sight of what I want in my life,
I'll stay true to myself,
No one can tell me, what the future holds,
I'll stay strong no matter,
I will survive, I'm gonna shine.

c'mon, yeah, woo!
c'mon, uh, yeah!




I can stand upon my own,
No one can bring me down, down,
I know i'm gonna shine, shine, shine, shine
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