Poor Old Lu Shine Lyrics

What is it like when it's gone?
All the day and the night and the song
And what seems so real
Is what keeps us from the dawn
Truly I know it sometimes
I see the reasons and signs
That this world can only turn so many times

In a simple way
Though I be so wrong
Though I turn away
I know where I belong

Feelings all around in me
Do this, do that, and you'll see
That it's hard to find
Just what we need where we seek
I'll say it again that I've tried
To find the right ways on this ride
Where we're upside down
And we still will try to hide


And the Son will shine
And the reign won't fall
And I know inside
How He loves us all
Our hands will get so that they
Can't pull us up all the day
We need to find that now we have to say

Written by: Jon Anderson, Mike Oldfield
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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