Linda Davis Sherry Goes To Vegas Lyrics

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Mama wanted a movie star
Daddy wanted a ph.d.
All Sherry wanted was a little affection
Nobody was listening
So she caught a right with a guy in a truck
Down by the interstate
He said I'm headed for the city of angels
I can drop you anywhere along the way
The first time she saw them lights
Lawd she could not say a word
But he left her standin' on the strip
With her suitcase on the curb
And she saw a sign said please apply
Always lookin' for a pretty face
Aw, folks our little farmgirl was a big hit on the
Little stage...and she's
Livin a life
Totally outrageous
Puttin on the dog
And takin' it off in Vegas
I bet you wonder
What's gonna happen to her
There's a gideon bible in the cheap desk beside her bed
Sometimes she flips it open
But she avoids the words in red
'Cause Sherry can't believe the king of kings
Would give a dang about the city of sin
Why would he care anything about Sherry
After all she's been
Livin a life
Totally outrageous
Puttin on the dog
And takin' it off in Vegas
Hey y'all
Well last night she could not sleep
She was readin' that book again
Then she came across that story
That woman mary magdalene
Sherry cried right out loud
Lord, she's as rough as me
What will the good lord do
When they throw him a bad seed
Oh, Sherry - Sherry
Love's changed her
Mary was
Livin' a life totally outrageous
Puttin' on the dog
And takin' it off like Vegas
Now someone's puttin' on a cross
And shakin' off Vegas
Sherry's on a greyhound on her way home to El Paso
One black gideon bible and a heart as white as snow

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