Kay Hanley Sheltering Sky Lyrics

Cherry Marmalade Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Fall
  • 2 This Dreadful Life
  • 3 Satellite
  • 4 Chady Saves the Day
  • 5 Sheltering Sky
  • 6 Princely Ghetto
  • 7 Made in the Shade
  • 8 Faded Dress
  • 9 Happy to Be Here
  • 10 Galapagos
  • 11 Mean Streak
  • 12 Transā€Neptunian Object #1

  • It was a gift to forget what I said
    'Cause what you heard
    Those were just empty words
    Like a blast it's a telling telegraph from the past
    Was it the empty things
    That are gonna last?
    And it made me free
    The way I wanna fly
    In your sheltering sky
    Redemption was like
    A ticker tape parade
    Keep my mouth shut smile and wave
    With a fistful of luck this is a stickup
    So now you now the world is saved
    From lipstick boobs and babes
    And it made me free....
    So the words hurt and my head said
    You got the fire lit
    So now I get it
    I'll live for you if you live for me too

    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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