Sainthood Reps Shelter Lyrics

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If I knew this would be my last day alive
I'd spend it panicking, knowing I wouldn't survive
I wish I knew how everybody slept and
I wish I could figure out every secret you kept
(It's worth more than my life)
Where would I go?
What would I do?
I have no clue
I'm just alone with no one to talk to
(It's worth more than my life but I am worthless)
Waste away
Drink down the rain
Come back like a paper airplane
Thrown in a hurricane
I've heard enough about how I'm eventually gonna die
It's about time I heard about how I'm still alive
I'm sick of thinking about my last breath
Or how love is just what happens before death
Scary, how I learn about myself
Just by watching someone else
In Barrow, you were a light on the coldest night
You were the summer they all begged for
Frozen in February snow

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